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  1. Jimmie, is there nothing you WON’T chew? I can think of a million things. (Adele’s tail immediately springs to mind.)

    You’re really lucky nothing has ever chewed back!

    Your friend,

  2. Dear Jimmie…and please share this bit of advice with Fin and Darnell. If you keep chewing on everything you won’t have any teeth left. You’ll be eating apple sauce through a straw. And for the record, a model must take care her of his and her smile at all times. What if you go up for a Crest ad? What are you going to tell them – I was bored so I ate a shoe? I realized your living up to your name but, use your head.

    Why don’t you read something? I hear Puss n Boots is great.

  3. Great collection of themed photos Jimmie. I never realized how much and often cats chewed until a kitten came to live in my house – my one chews absolutely everything!

  4. Your cats chew so much! Is that all in ONE day’s work?
    I was inspired by your use of boxes. Daniel & me got two cats recently – one is 2 yo & the other 2 & 4 months. I brought home a box from work – your photo of the little puddy paw coming through the box reminded me how much they love ’em. So gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚ Smiling AGAIN….

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