I have been practicing my hoola hoop hop.

Almost forgot how to do it.


Darnell has been practicing how to get into the cat nip box.

We had a good fort this week.

 I still found trouble.

I stole,

I climbed,

I fought,

 I found a good hiding spot!

(I like the door closed)

(keep the door closed please!)

 I got locked out.

I got mad.

We got a new toy.

It’s a motion activated laser.

It wobbles.

It’s made in China.

 It will blind me eventually.

(I liked the bag it came in)

I went to moms house for a visit.

(looking for the old dog)

Checked out all my spots.

(And some new ones).

Now that the old dog is gone, I run around unsupervised.

 I went to the pet store.

 The birds were all gone, they all found a home.

 I got another toy.

 It took us a minute to rip the ball apart.

With some cat nip on it,

we played a little longer with it.

(We liked the box it came in.)

I had more fun with the asparagus.

I’m bored.

( I’m on Twitter now @jimmiechew, but I dont understand how it works yet)


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  1. Jimmie, you’ve had a wonderful week. We love the fort & the bamboo hidey-hole! Have a great week!

  2. hiya Jimmie…I can soooo relate to the “bored” thing…sometimes I just chase my tail I am so bored…then I realize maybe that is not a very cat like thing to do and tell myself “like, snap out of it already!” and I stop. I signed up to follow ya so will keep trackof what’s going on…catch ya later

  3. HOW you guys could be bored with so much ALWAYS going on at your home, I cannot believe. Cats love lasers, I’ve heard. I’ll have to get one for my new kitties 🙂

    I had no idea you were into asparagus – your page is so enlightening! And have NO idea how you fit in that tiny box…. You guys are gorgeous as ever XX !

  4. Jimmie, I thought we were spoiled rotten, but you and your brothers put us to shame. Looks like nobody was too thrilled with that “Arch Groomer.”

    We have that Catit Senses thing that we’re supposed to rub against and chew, but Karen could BURY it in catnip and we still wouldn’t want to touch it.

    Humans should stop trying to design toys for us and let us do it ourselves!

    Your friend,

  5. Dear Jimmie…

    I’m sorry to say this but I think your hula needs work. Maybe your mother could give you a demonstration.

    Oh yeah, tell Darnell a bigger box would make him look thinner.

    And if you’re bored try reading.

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