Still a (bored) cat

Darnell is still trying to fit into the cat nip box.

Fin is still looking for treats.

(I know how to get my treats)

I am still trying to get into the closet.

( Darn Darnell, he’s quick)!

If I can’t be in the closet,

I’ll be on it.

I’m still chewing.

(I just LOVE moms shoes.)

 I am still bothering Darnell.

 Every chance I get.

Fin is still looking for treats.

(Fat boy will be on a diet soon)

Lately when I am playing with a toy,

I will bring it to Darnell.

But he doesn’t know how to share toys.

My friend S.B. told me to read a book if I get bored.

It was a  good book to chew.


But I was so bored,

  I fell asleep.


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  1. I feel your pain. When Karen’s too busy to run around the house with Da Bird for me, I get bored, too. Cole is kind of play-challenged. He thinks a “game” is where he sits on top of me, biting my neck until I start screaming. And Adele doesn’t play. She kills. What’s a kitten to do for fun?

    Your friend,

  2. Dear Jimmie…

    Could I please have Darnell’s address. I’d like to send him ‘Fruit of the Month.’ I think it might help him fit better into that box.

    And Jim, what’s with the ruby slippers?

    Just askin

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