Mom has a new friend,

well she has two new friends.

They have been coming to her house every morning to get nuts. The small one isn’t afraid of her, she hangs out while mom puts the nuts on the railing. We think she’s a girl because the big one is messy and the little one is a neat freak. If the little one drops a nut on the ground, she goes and gets it. The big one just looks down and continue eating like nothing happened. I was at mom’s house the other morning and met the little girl squirrel. She wasnt afraid of me either. We named her Sally. (do cats hunt squirrels)

Sally loves those nuts.

 I have been going nuts with this plastic jumping bean. 

I carry it around the house,

I roll around with it on the floor.

I tried to get Fin involved

 but he thinks I’m nuts.

He hasn’t been happy lately.

 Fin has been hiding from Darnell,

who has gone completely nuts since we got a new addition to our kitty city.

 Darnell has been hunting Fin

and kicking his butt.

We’ve all gone a little nuts with the new scratching posts.

But I still like to go nuts in my tunnel.

Another reason why we think Darnell has gone nuts is because mom has been giving him grass.

I just want to play with it.

That drives Darnell nuts.

 D is serious about his grass. He tries to get it away from me.

(I prefer spinach anyway).

I sent my sexy girlfriend Usyaka some gifts (yes, I’m a good boyfriend) and she finally got them! (she lives in a different country, it’s a long distance relationship) Shes been going nuts playing with everything!

 We have a million toys but Darnell is nuts about his chirping bird. He will find it no matter where the humans hide it.

 Darnell is nuts about this bird toy.

I’m nuts about Usyaka.

(and moms shoes)

(Fin is just nuts).

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  1. Jimmie,

    We have a squirrel who likes to lie on the deck railing right at the bedroom window, but it never notices us. Maybe that’s because Karen never gives it nuts. Our yard is full of acorns, and the squirrel leaves the shells everywhere. Karen says every time she drives in the neighborhood and sees a dead squirrel (they’re pretty dumb about crossing streets, you know. They change their minds and run into the middle of the road just as a car is coming!), she hopes it’s not ours.

    Now I want a plastic jumping bean, too, but my birthday has already passed. What’s the next good “give gifts to your cat” holiday coming up?

    Your friend,

  2. I’m a big squirrel fan so those new head shots are pretty fab. Glad Sally and Jimmie got along but Darnell seems to be going through a midlife crisis. I think the grass idea is great providing they don’t smoke it. Darnell could freak out.

  3. I adore Darnell with his HUGE EYES when he’s caught his bird! Our cats were fascinated by the squirrels but they were always too fast to be caught. So very happy about the presents sent to Usyaka! She’s a beautiful girl 🙂

  4. Wonderful pictures Jimmie! I especially like the one of you looking out the window at Sally the squirrel – great picture! I did see the post about the gifts you sent to Usyaka – that was a very lovely thing to do!

  5. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t 🙂
    I have missed seeing your posts good to catch up on what has been going on in your world! Happy Monday!

  6. I truly enjoy how you tell a story with a simple sentence and a telling photo. Loving all the kids, even Sally. My cat MeiMei acts just like Darnel with his grass. Bunch of potheads!

  7. Awww. What a fantastic collection of kitty trees and kitty grass. So much fun to be had! It looks like you and your brothers are really enjoying yourselves. Have you ever met a shoe you didn’t want to chomp?

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