My update

Fin gave us all a scare this week. He swallowed a plastic string and it was sticking out of his butt.

 The vet said we had to wait till he passed it on his own. Mom was giving him all sorts of oils and cat laxatives. He finally went to the bathroom and it came out.

He must be feeling better. (I know mom is)

He is back to normal.

 I’ve been busy with my toys,


(I love getting brushed)

my box,

and my ball.

 Darnell has been happy lately.

He found a new basket he likes to sleep in.

Mom and I have a new game.

 I roll around in the sheet with the ball.

 I love it.

I posed for pictures with my ball.

(looking handsome as usual)

Untill Fin interrupted.

 I wanted my ball back.

 But Darnell got it while Fin and I were fighting,

and I dont mess with Darnell.

They can have that ball.

 Mom gave me two new balls.

I had the best time ever.

Untill Fin came back.

So I took a bottle cap and went somewhere where Fin can’t go (he’s too fat to jump that high)

(who knew I had so many up there)

I was busy for hours.


Sometimes I think I wish I was an only child (cat).


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  1. I’m so glad Fin is okay. When you’re that short you can’t help being like a little vacuum. You eat everything. Jimmie is looking quite debonair, I must say. He’s getting a sophisticated air he didn’t have before. Does he have a girlfriend? Somethings goin on and don’t tell me it’s those bottle caps. Has he been on the internet? Check for porn, I mean it. I heard there’s a new kitty site called Tail. Just a hunch.

  2. Well Jimmie won that round for sure…he who has the m ost balls in the end wins! Rock on Jimmie. But dude, bottle cap hoarding???? seriously, be careful, it could be addictive! Glad Fin eliminated his problem…MOL

      • Thank you Jimmie Chew 🙂 My son bought me a CLEO magazine for mother’s day. He said “I hope I got you the right magazine – I got it because it had free make up with it”. I cried!!!

  3. Marbles had a yard of string in her once. She got a big scar from her operation to remove it. She got spayed at the same time, the vet said it was wise, but she was just a few months old. She’s a lot smarter about string now (because we don’t let her near any anymore!). Glad there was no surgery for Fin. Meow!

  4. Very cute! Our cat Pepper had eaten a ribbon te other week, and we found that sticking out of her backside… scary stuff, why do you cats insist in eating everything in sight?!

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