Latest news

Sally has been stashing her nuts lately.

Now we know why, Sally had a baby!

(it is so cute).

Fin has been guarding the couch.

(and the scratching posts)

Darnell has a new love.

It’s a dish sponge.

He finally figured out how to use the water fountain. (Fin is still working on it)

I have been catching up on my reading.

The thingirl had a great article in More magazine.

I joined the Nipclub on Twitter. One of my new friends @BellaMrow made me this avatar for the safari party. (not sure how it works yet)

My new love interest on Twitter might be my date for the Nipclub party!

Choupette Lagerfeld @ChoupettesDiary replied to you:

@jimmiechew You have the bone structure of a supermeowdel thus I shall consider Ur offer

 One of her other suitors @clive-da-cat is looking for a catfight with me for her paw. (Crazy Twits)

I am tired of waiting to hear back from the Modelling agency, so I decided to take matters into my own paws.

I will make my own movie, starting ME!

(Once I figure out how to use the camera)

I also have been hunting bees when I’m out (mom isn’t happy)

I rediscovered the joys of some of my old toys.

(and the box)

My birthday is coming up.        I will be ONE!!!!!!

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  1. Wonderful pictures Jimmie! I especially like the ones of you and the movie camera. Congratulations to Sally on her very lovely baby squirrel. I expect you are excited about your birthday!

  2. I’d like to address this new girlfriend of Darnells. It takes the concept of opposites attract to new heights. What’s the attraction you think? Her subservience? I’m really fascinated by his choice of mate.

    Jimmie you have never looked more dapper and I appreciate you reading More Magazine on my behalf. That was very nice of you.

    One more thing, is Sally going to have a baby shower because I’d like to be included. Let me know.

  3. They are sooooooooo gorgeous – in the box, hunting bees – it all. I so much love when you bring these updates of your crazy cats. Love him in front of the camera – near the camera 🙂


  4. Hiya Jimmie…hey little buddy..there are some awards for you just waiting for you to pick them up…visit my Monday post…you can find them there and I hope you like them.
    I luvluvluv Sally and her baby….I have squirrels too! And wow! One year old! Look forward to your pawty! And check out my photo…we could soooo be related!

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