Its my Birthday! (week). We are not sure of the exact date, but I am ONE this week for sure. Mom made me this chicken liver and bonito cake.

I LOVED my cake!

I ate the entire cake!

(Darnell doesn’t like chicken liver and Fin was asleep).

 I have been a little brat this week. I just didn’t want to eat. Mom had to feed me with a spoon.

I played with the bubbles again.

I really like those bubbles.

Fin and Darnell got into it this time.

Fin finally drank from the water fountain.

(We were afraid he wasnt drinking enough)

Mom is waiting for my gift in the mail. (I was on the waiting list for this scratcher).

Sally and one of her kids moved in to moms back yard.

I am going to take it easy the rest of the day (week),

and just be a cat.

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  1. Oh Jimmie – Happy Birthday (week)! What a delightful concept that is – we must remember it as we don’t know the dates of any of our digs and cats birthdays. That might seem forgetful but they were all rescues or strays. We shall celebrate in this style going forward 🙂 you look to have has lots of lovely presents and that cake, WOW xxx

  2. Oh Jimmie, Happy Birthday. I love the new pictures especially the very last one of you just being a cat. You deserve every bubble life has to offer…For he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow, (I’m singing) for he’s a jolly good fellow that nobody can deny….

  3. Happy Birthday Jimmie! Am I invited to the party? 😉
    And that scratching table! I’ve seen it so many times on the internet! I wonder how it looks like in real life, instead on the picture!

  4. Happy first birthday Jimmy! That cake looks good, even from a human perspective. I love the videos you’ve been posting too. You’re a very handsome kitty in action!

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