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  1. Loved the cat-walk segment! That should be a video all on its own, I bet it would go viral. A word of caution on the music – they will ban your video because of using unlicensed music! We had one up just for fun of hubby dancing with the dog to what happened to be playing on the stereo and they banned it. with only like.. 10 views!

    • oh thats why I got an email from youtube! thank you, will work on it! (I am still learn’n how to edit, the fashion segment was to be one short, but got stuck in there somehow, give us time, we’ll get it)

  2. Dear Jimmie…I heard you were making a remake of ‘The Last Days of Pompeii’ so I’m tremendously impressed by your acting ability. The scene when your home falls apart is riveting.

    I see that Darnell wheedled a supporting role. That was so nice of you since everyone knows, Hollywood is all about who you know.

    That cameo by Fin was well, he needs to work on his entrance a bit I think.

    As far as the catwalk at the end, I realize now you were dressed up as a gladiator. Who did the costumes Jimmie? They had an Alexander McQueen feel to them with a touch of Vivienne Westwood.

    I’m so happy that your career has taken off. Please keep in touch.

    Love your pal,


  3. Hi Jimmie, our hearts jumped when we saw you posted a film! You do look good in orange! Gracie Boots here, you look like my naughty younger brother ~ are you him??? We lost touch in the shelter. I have a very active lifestyle also :). Good night, we’re sure you’re exhausted being famous! xx, kitty kisses Grace and Twilight

  4. Jimmie,
    We’re so proud to know a film star!!! We both think you look fabulous in all your outfits! However, you may have given Mom some ideas and we’re not sure we like that. Keep up the good work and keep on being the star that you are.

  5. Wooohooo!!!! What a wonderful film this is! I love all of them and especially the catwalk, when you walk on the runway was fabulous! *paw applause*
    Welcome back Jimmie! 🙂

  6. That is way cool! I loved the runway segment! Jen says I can’t let June Buggie watch this though; he’s already started on one of the packing boxes. She don’t want him to see what YOU can do to a box!

  7. Brilliant! Wonderful!
    My gosh, so mouthy – all that chewing! And I loved when one was in the paper bag & the other is so curious as if, ‘what IS this going on??’ – as if he can’t guess it’s the other cat in the bag! SO FUNNY.
    This is just great to watch. Having me smile 🙂

  8. Hi Ella
    It’s alex, you adopted Finn and Darnell from me. Isn’t it time for you to get a little girl kitten? Just think of the outfits!

  9. Heya Jimmie Chew & the crazy cats. Wondering when we’ll see more of ye?? You must be busy.

    Thanks for coming by, for reading. You’ve been there since Day 1! That’s such an honour, Ella – you were my first subber! (well, not that much an honour! but I feel special with you about it).

    Hope things are good for you & the cats. & I DO look forward to your next star performance… 🙂

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