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  1. Thank you Jimmie!!! It was so good to see you doing so well!!! Hope all is well!!! You’re very brave especially with the doggie!!!

  2. I guess the message is, rats are people too. Jimmie, you look amazing and very Californian bod wise. You are slim and sexy strolling through those aisles. If they ever decide to cast a cat as James Bond, well, you’d be MGM’S first choice.

    i hear you might come home for the holidays….

    Hope so.

  3. Jimmie, you are every cat’s idol. I’ve wanted to go to PetsMart on my leash to pick out some new toys, but Karen tells me it’s full of big dogs who pee on the floor. In fact, she’s never seen a cat there!

    They must have had that rat on drugs for it to just lie there while you were inches away. Or he was a very dumb rat. But your utter sang froid when nose-to-nose with that dog was awe-inspiring.

    Your friend,

  4. Oh Jimmie, ABOUT TIME you did another post. Don’t you know I miss you when you don’t post??

    This was totally gorgeous 🙂 You totally lead that lead… Didn’t like the green thing on a stick much but sure loved the animals – especially the mice at the end.

    This was fully entertaining, & great music 🙂

  5. Hullo!
    We saw you have been following us for a while, but we didn’t know how to respond to that until we got a notification today. We don’t know for how long you have been reading us. If you have been around for a while, please forgive us. We never knew.

    Today is a very special day! It’s September Full Moon and that means #sjfullmoon!

    Every year we give information that help CH kitties. And we released an official #sjfullmoon movie!

    But the best is yet to come. Wait and see, either tomorrow or Tuesday. It’s gonna be OMC!


  6. You are not only beautiful you are also clever Jimmy! Protesting when you saw the pets being caged. I must say you are a great actor! You got the looks as well as you move like you were born on a catwalk. ♥

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