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    • we are in the Bloomfield /Montclair area. our house is ok we just lost a fence, just glad to have lights and heat now, it was getting cold, had to sleep with a coat and hat on, it sucked! If we can get gas for the car now everything would be great! Glad you were ok:)

  1. Jimmie, so sorry to hear you were caught in that bad storm. Great time to be wearing a fur coat when there’s no heat for 6 days. Glad to see you are all OK and none the worse for wear.
    Your friend,

  2. Those six days felt mighty looooonnnnnnngggg, didn’t they? We here in Arkansas had that a couple of winters back and I tell you, it felt like six years. SO SO glad you’re back on track.

  3. It is reassuring to see your gorgeous little faces – even with a wee tongue poking out 🙂 GREAT POST – being AFTER the storm.

  4. Glad to hear you’re okay. Harvette had the top of her summer house blow off but she went into her winter home at the other end of the porch and was okay. Ike and Mike stayed inside and snuggled up with each other to keep warm. The cats fared better than us humans did.

  5. So glad to hear! Our kitty cousins in Bloomfield (Katie and Valentino) say the storm was scary there but thankfully no one was hurt. Keep warm and well!

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