Where is my Mom??!!

  I think mom lost her mind.I dont see her that much in the morning anymore. She is feeding the squirrels.

She has 5 of them coming to her back yard every morning. Sometimes 8.

Theres the twins.

(They are really cute)

Theres the friendly one.

He knocks on the door. 

Theres the fat one.

Theres the picky one, (he only wants walnuts)

This is one of the new ones.

Theres the really fat one.

 This is another new one,   something is wrong with him. 

She also has Woody who comes to get nuts.

4 of these guys.

5 loud blue jays.

(really loud)

Two of their kids.

20 or so of these little guys. (they get sunflower seeds)

4 of these birds who live next door in a vent.

And a Raven?

We think it’s a Raven, (what do they eat)??

He is really beautiful.

(there’s also a mouse who runs around in the back by the garage and a cat who wants to catch him.)

Yes she feeds the cat too.

Mom made the squirrels a path to get to the porch when it snowed.

She thought they would appreciate it.

(they didn’t care)

A mean accountant told Mom she was spending WAY too much money on nuts.(a friend told her to buy a walnut tree, she’s looking into it)

Here I amforced to play by myself.

(Untill Darnell interrupts).

I miss playing with Mom.

Fin likes to play by himself.

Like a crazy person mom watches the squirrels eat to makes sure they dont fight and to make sure the sick one gets enough nuts.

Theres also a limpy one, he waits untill the other squirrels leave so he doesn’t get harassed.

She didn’t even put my new Science kit together yet,

and I havent been feeling well, I lost a toe nail last week.

It’s not infected,

but I probably should see a vet.

Thank God she still brings me boxes.

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  1. This is a beautiful photo diary! The pictures are clear & beautiful. Those squirrels are something like I’ve never seen before. I’ve only ever seen them on TV. Very interesting!!

    Ah, you’ll be fine to share your Mom. She’s got a huge heart, enough to shower love on you all – and anyway, you like just fine by the end.

    🙂 Gorgeous!!

  2. Yay, Jimmie! So glad to see a post from you 🙂 filled with lovely pictures as well. We don’t have squirrels in NZ, but I do remember them fondly from the US.

    Let us know if your Mom decides to get a walnut tree (or three)!

  3. Dear Jimmie…Welcome back. I hear you did really well in LA. I like that you’re not boasting about your success. Humility is the way to go. As far as those squirrels go, between us, your mother will get tired of them especially what they start making bigger demands like asking for a Pecan Pie for instance. You give them a coupla nuts and they want dessert. Glad your toe is better and if you don’t mind me saying, it was good you couldn’t play, you didn’t to stay off that paw like when I hurt my foot running.

    I’m sure she’ll be playing Twister with you again real soon.

    Missed ya Jimmie.

  4. Don’t chew on your missing toe or the vet will cone you!

    Raven or crow? Either eats peanuts and rodents. I’ve seen a crow flying away with something like a baby squirrel.

    Your baby blue jays may not be blue jays. By the time we see blue jay chicks out and about flapping their wings and hollering to be fed by their parents, they are just as big as the parents but fluffier.

    The limpy squirrel will probably recover. Tell your mom to keep an eye out for the cat. It is capable of taking down squirrels, especially the injured and the sick.

  5. thanx for all the info, if those are not blue jays do you know what they are? we are always keep’n an eye on the cat, so far he doesnt care about the squirrels he lets them run by him. he wants the mouse. so does the raven. i dont think its a crow, he hasnt made the crow sound.

  6. At least you have fun watching out the window, Jimmie.
    And you are getting very good at counting!
    My Tommie only can count to 6 because that’s how many lysine treats he gets every morning. When I say “6” he knows to walk away.

  7. you know when you start knowing the difference between squirrels that it’s time to find a new hobby, right? just kidding. great pictures. Way to look out for the little limpy guy! I’m sure HE appreciates the snow paths. also, nothing beats squirrel-watching from inside a cereal box.

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