I am 2 this week!

I dont believe it, I dont believe it, DSC_0157

its my Birthday this week, I am 2!DSC_0119

Fin and Darnell had a birthday last month, they were 3!CSC_0065

My birthday wish is.CSC_0179

That this little girl, who we named Poopet, gets a good home.CSC_0200

Mom rescued her from a parking lot.CSC_0288

(she is so sweet)CSC_0244

And her Mom too. (we named her Twiggy) Twiggy got “fixed”, she isn’t too happy about the lampshade on her head, but she was happy to get a good night sleep and good food. She likes getting brushed, she purrs.DSC_0190

Dont have a home for them yet, but my mom couldn’t leave them out in the street. Shes been going there to feed them for weeks and finally caught them.

This was her first rescue and she cried and cried and cried. There are two more out there. (one that looks like Twiggy and a teenage kitten) We are going to TNR them. Or maybe they’ll get lucky too and we can find a home for them. This rescue stuff was hard on my mom, she wants to help them all.

Twiggy and Poopet are at Moms house now, but Poopet can’t stay, maybe if Twiggy is lucky she can stay and I’ll have a cousin.  (I am keeping my paws crossed.)pics pics pics 132


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  1. Happy Birthday, Jimmy!

    First trapping is a very emotional experience. I don’t know why and no one ever expects it. Your mom did a good thing. 😀

    Tell mom to try becoming the only source of food for the other 2 cats. They’ll be easier to trap that way.

    • other people feed them there too, we had the teenager in the cage but he got out.
      i dont know how people do this, it was very emotional, but i’m glad they do it, these cats need our help.

      • It’s believed that if a trapped cat gets out, it’s almost impossible to trap it again. Not with the same type of trap. The exception I’ve seen is with pregnant or nursing female. They get hungry easily. If you cut off all other sources of food, they’ll eventually go back in.

        There is always the drop trap- kind of like the ones in old cartoons, box, stick and yank the string. A drop trap for cats is a little more sophisticated but same basic concept.

        Try to engage the other feeders to coordinate something. Best of luck.

  2. Hi Jimmie and everybody! So happy to see you! Happy Birthday and best wishes to you! It’s heartbreaking to want to help and not to be able to help them all or to make everything just perfect. I learnt that being happy with any result that isn’t a disaster helps. It also is very important to take care of yourself, because you need to stay strong and healthy to keep being able to help.
    All the best!

  3. My husband and I have rescued four cats throughout the years, two of which we kept. We found good homes for the other two, and the last one (a baby we got out of the storm drain outside our house) I bawled my eyes out when we took it to give away. I completely understand the emotional aspect of it!! You did a really good thing, those little kitties are very lucky! Happy birthday Jimmy!

    • shh dont tell no one but i found a home for the little one (poopet) but took her back because i didnt think it was a good home for her after all, now i’m stuck with two, maybe i’ll be lucky and get to keep both. (jimmie can come and visit his new cuz’ns, it will be so cute. wish me luck!

  4. My gosh, so so gorgeous 🙂

    Two years?! I realise I’ve been at this two years, too!!

    It is really great to have a post from you – been wondering what you are up to, and guess you’re just living too much 🙂

  5. Oh happy birthday, Jim! (My birthday was Saturday… and no, I’m not 2!) Having rescued four cats living with us, several others we found homes, and sadly several didn’t make it even to one year. It’s hard work when your heart is in it, so be extra nice to your kind-hearted mama. She’s very special!

  6. Aww, such sweet kittens! A lot of people seem to think feral brown and black tabbies are just four-legged mouse traps, but I have one and can vouch for them as wonderful pets. My Precious must’ve looked just like Poopet when her foster mama rescued her from a barn five years ago. Taking her to the vet a few days a week helped get the word out to people who were looking a kitten. Foster Mama Fields would have kept Precious herself if not for the strong possibility that Precious would outlive her.

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