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  1. We’re glad your mommy has fur kids living with her again! Hope you get to see her a lot too! Happy Sunday!

  2. Hi Jimmie! Missed you buddy. And I missed your #2 birthday…so happy belated birthday. And your Mom is the bestest. To rescue Popet and Twoggy…they are so pretty, and paws crossed she can TNR the others. Paw pats, Savannah

  3. Awww, I want 100 new friends! 🙂

    Hey Ella,

    Don’t hear much from you these days and only guess you are living! This is great 🙂

    Just saying hi & hoping so much all is good. I totally love your kitties, really do.

    • hi love, things are crazy here at the moment, i tried to rescue some cats from a parking lot and ended up with all 4 of them somehow at my house (just couldn’t give them away, i fell in love) so now i have 4 cats here (cant afford them, have to find more work) and the 3 (jimmie, fin and DD) at my friends house (they aren’t my cats remember, i just helped to take care if them)

      i’ll stop by the blog soon, i’m sure i have missed so much, hope you are all well,

      take care


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