this one we didn’t name, she and her sister gave us all ringworm. we are still on meds, even the humans got ringworm. they found a home but we still have ringworm to remember them by.


this is Peewee and Ce Ce, they are looking for a home but for now they live here with me  DeDe and Fin, we like them.,


this is Gracie, we found her a home!

 somehow in quick fix I am able to post more pics, but they are going backwards, please forgive this post, I am trying my best to update. so far we have saved 13 cats, found homes for most but let one go back out where we found her after we fixed her, she was too wild, we have a new one we trapped yesterday, he is friendly so we may keep him. he looks just like Ellie and Poopet, must be from the same family.


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  1. Ringworm really is a pain in the bottom. It took our hooman three months to get rid of it from piggies and hoomans when whee brought home a case. Hope you get rid of it soon

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  2. The photos are stupendous. I miss you Jimmie, hope that you iron out all site issues. It’s so admirable and moving that all of these kitty cats have found such a lovely home…and they are from the same family. How often does that happen. You’re my hero!!!

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