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my new cats

Poopet loves being an indoor cat. we dont know how she survived out there, she doesn’t like to sleep on the floor.Image

Twiggy and Poopet are best friends.Image

Ellie had to wear a cone for a month. she had a bad infection. she is very lucky mom found her when she did.Image


Only is growing into a handsome young cat. 


Twiggy and Poopet are always checking on the outdoor cat, (who is always looking for the mouse in the garage)


this is our new friend with no tail.


Only only gets to go downstairs when Twiggy is at the vets or locked up in the bathroom. He is very carefull when he goes downstairs, if he runs into Twiggy he is in trouble. But Poopet is friends with everybody!


I dont know what is wrong with my Word press. I can’t post pictures, they are all backwards, I can’t hit like on the blogs I read. I even started a new blog but it was doing the same thing, must be my computer. the only way I can post these pictures is in quick edit and like I said they are all backwards, sorry guys this is the best I can do for the moment.


this is Ellie, she was so sick when we found her, but she’s better now, Ellie and Only are bffs, they hang out upstairs. Twiggy wont let them go downstairs.


this one we didn’t name, she and her sister gave us all ringworm. we are still on meds, even the humans got ringworm. they found a home but we still have ringworm to remember them by.


this is Peewee and Ce Ce, they are looking for a home but for now they live here with me  DeDe and Fin, we like them.,


this is Gracie, we found her a home!

 somehow in quick fix I am able to post more pics, but they are going backwards, please forgive this post, I am trying my best to update. so far we have saved 13 cats, found homes for most but let one go back out where we found her after we fixed her, she was too wild, we have a new one we trapped yesterday, he is friendly so we may keep him. he looks just like Ellie and Poopet, must be from the same family.


it’s here, it’s here! my calendar is here! I am having a hard time posting pictures for some reason. somehow I got this one up. so I will post a few new pics of all the cats we have saved one by one, it’s the only way I can do it for now.


Please help! Please sign this petition to help these cats stay in the only place they know. All you have to do is sign it!
They are all fixed and are fed everyday, but the big wigs at CVS want them out of there, so people are getting together to help. They are no bother to anyone, they live in the back in the woods! Please sign it!
Jimmie Chew