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Jimmie Chew


I’ve been keeping myself occupied, I’ve had no choice.

Mom is at her house with the new cats.

Poopet and Twiggy are doing great, they like living in a house.





She went back and got the mama cat, she was pregnant, we had to “fix” her. She’s recuperating, she isn’t very happy.
we named her Ellie.
And this guy too. We named him Only, he’s the only boy.
Only is a bit wild,but he likes my mom.


Now mom has 4 cats living at her house,
and a new squirrel who has no tail started coming over.


I guess I wont be visiting her house anytime soon, but Mom still takes me to grandmas to visit.

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Where is my Mom??!!

  I think mom lost her mind.I dont see her that much in the morning anymore. She is feeding the squirrels.

She has 5 of them coming to her back yard every morning. Sometimes 8.

Theres the twins.

(They are really cute)

Theres the friendly one.

He knocks on the door. 

Theres the fat one.

Theres the picky one, (he only wants walnuts)

This is one of the new ones.

Theres the really fat one.

 This is another new one,   something is wrong with him. 

She also has Woody who comes to get nuts.

4 of these guys.

5 loud blue jays.

(really loud)

Two of their kids.

20 or so of these little guys. (they get sunflower seeds)

4 of these birds who live next door in a vent.

And a Raven?

We think it’s a Raven, (what do they eat)??

He is really beautiful.

(there’s also a mouse who runs around in the back by the garage and a cat who wants to catch him.)

Yes she feeds the cat too.

Mom made the squirrels a path to get to the porch when it snowed.

She thought they would appreciate it.

(they didn’t care)

A mean accountant told Mom she was spending WAY too much money on nuts.(a friend told her to buy a walnut tree, she’s looking into it)

Here I amforced to play by myself.

(Untill Darnell interrupts).

I miss playing with Mom.

Fin likes to play by himself.

Like a crazy person mom watches the squirrels eat to makes sure they dont fight and to make sure the sick one gets enough nuts.

Theres also a limpy one, he waits untill the other squirrels leave so he doesn’t get harassed.

She didn’t even put my new Science kit together yet,

and I havent been feeling well, I lost a toe nail last week.

It’s not infected,

but I probably should see a vet.

Thank God she still brings me boxes.

The End

This was the first photo taken of me, the day the humans found me and brought me into the house.

 I was VERY hungry.

I was VERY scared.

I was VERY cute.

They named me Jimmy.

Fin and I became friends fast.

 Darnell took a while to like me.

I loved my new family.

One day I got caught chewing shoes.

Thats how I became Jimmie Chew.

I was interested in the camera.

I thought I could become a model and help pay some cat bills.

 I started practicing.

I learned some tricks.

We had so many pictures, we thought we should start a blog.

We decided I would blog for a year.

I practiced my tricks everyday.

Sometimes I got interrupted.

Sometimes I got distracted.

(I got distracted a lot)

 I started going out to clear my head.

I met new friends.

(I started wearing sweaters)

 I fell in love.

I became a very cool cat.

I became a very smart cat.

 But I wasnt having any luck with my modelling career.

 I was a very happy cat.

I fought with Fin over treats.

Darnell and I never fought.

We always shared our treats.

 We sent my picture to various contests we found on-line. I went to a few modeling agency’s, but they were all crooks.


My year of blogging is now over,

and I am happy to say this picture of me below will be in a 2014 Calendar from Workman Publishing in NYC.

(it’s a start)

I had a great time writing this Meowmoir.

My plan for next year is to try to make movies.

                                                                                          The End.  


I want to Thank You for watching me grow!

                                                                                                      Jimmie Chew

Chew smart

Since Mom found out I liked spinach, she has been using it to train me.

Darnell gave it a try.

(thief) He is a fan of spinach now too.

 Fin doesn’t like it.

  He likes being tickled on his back leg.

He rolls around like a fool.

If cats could laugh, Fin would be cracking up.

D likes it too, but not as much as Fin.

 I’m too busy protecting my greens to try tickling.

 I even like green beans.

Mom brought this big thing over,

 I wasnt sure what to do with it.

She wanted me to sit on it.

But I couldn’t figure out how.

Untill she left the room! (she’s lucky she caught this)

I went to the park again this week.

This is my new leather harness. (I have to grow into it) We got it from this cute place in NYC called Ollie’s Place. (430 E. 9th st. It was $10.00. Its made in Canada. They had so many cute things there!

It matches my green eyes.

I have been practicing my jumping.

 DD showed me how to get the magnets off the fridge.

I learn quick.

I have been amazed with the ice cubes in the water.

I get them out,

and play hockey.

All over the house.

Mom thought I might like an icicle.

I did.

Untill Darnell interrupted.

 It’s a good thing he did. My paw was frozen.

Fin and I got into a few fights this week.

We made up.

Mom tries to keep me occupied with my toys.

But I always find myself in trouble.

 She made me practice my modeling.

Mom thought a new game would keep me out of trouble. This is for rabbits, birds and rats. It has 3 levels. I think I’m as smart as a rat.

I tried chewing it.

It didn’t work (I got mad)

 I tried to go under (Fin got the treats.)

(Duh, it has suction cups underneath). Mom showed me how to get the treats out.

I learn quick.

Level one, done!


I am recuperating nicely.

Brookdale Pet Center sent me a gift for being the #1 customer! (I will have to go thank Brook later this week)

Fin wanted to open it ASAP

So did Darnell.

We tried the beef and gravy, it was very good.

 Usually we  dont like beef, but this had lots of gravy so we loved it. I hope we like the rest of the flavors, this could be our new food. My brothers have been kind of nice to me the last few days,

they must know I was told to take it easy for the next few days. I’ve only been playing with things within my reach.

Darnell found a new game to play with the humans.

They throw a toy,

he catches it.

When I interrupt

(and I do every time)

 He gets mad and

 takes it out on his monkey.

Sometimes he will hide and pout while we all look for him.

Mom will then put on the disco ball,

and some treats for us to dig out,

 and he forgets he was ever mad.

 (He was mad again later at mom for trying to put a sweater on him.)

Last week moms old dog Holly went to heaven. She was 17 1/2 years old, her body could not hold her spirit any longer. Mom is upset but she understands it was time for her to go.

We got a tree with toys on it for some reason in our room.

(Did mom really think I wouldn’t chew everything)

I even found a mini Pedro to chew on.

 Mom said Sunday I will get lots of boxes. I can’t wait!!!!