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Jimmie Chew


the purrfect storm

Before the hurricane hit, we went to moms house to get extra supplies.

Found some interesting things,

even got into her closet again,

is that fur?

Back home me and the boys played.

We all took a nap.

Then the storm came.

The big guys got scared.

I was ok.

To distract everyone, I put on a show,

it worked. They weren’t scared anymore.

Then I chewed some film,

scratched some records,

drank my milk,

(untill Fin came around)

And the hurricane passed.

I hope all the homeless animals were safe.


I get exited to do my tricks everyday, I know I’m getting a treat.

Mom sais I’m getting better at staying still longer, photographers will appreciate that.

Sometimes Fin will interrupt  us when I ‘m trying to learn.

Then Darnell follows,

That’s when mom gives up and lets us play.

Fin won this round.

We were relaxing,

when we felt the house shake.

We thought it was just the ghost that visits us sometimes, but this time it was mad.

I drank  my milk and went to bed.


We  found out later it was an earthquake.

nothing is what it seems

 When mom puts the harness on me, I purr. I know we are going for a ride in the car. I like looking out the window. Sometimes we play games.

But today she took me for a bike ride . I didn’t like it.

I wasnt sure if this was a real human.

I had to sniff and jump on him a few times. Mom didn’t  let me chew on him, he was a stunt double  in the X-Files movie. I got one bite in, mom was too slow with the camara.

I wasnt sure if this was a real hole.

I knew he wasnt a real mouse.

I knew he wasnt a real dog.

I thought mom was calling a real agent, but he wanted an annual fee to represent me.

The contest my pictures were chosen for, want you to give them your e-mail to send you spam  to vote. At least they don’t want money.  

The book kind of looks  legitimate.

  New Microsoft Word Document

Is everybody a crook out there?

Just when I started to relax.

Fin wanted to play.

So I gave him “Trouble”.

He let me win.

I’m not giving up yet. I’m young and still learning. We have time to find me an agent.

princess kitty

Have you heard of  Princess Kitty?  They say she was the smartest cat ever. She knew 100 tricks.

 She traveled around doing live performances at schools and hospitals with these two crazy cat ladies, who tortured her by dressing her in costumes.


After seeing this, ( before I even get an agent or a job) I need to set some rules. 

List of rules and demands


2. Warm food twice a day (+treats) no starving me

3. Travel first class only

4. Residuals and health insurance.

5. 15 min. 3 times a day work days (20 min. 4 times a day if its fun)

6. must always be fun

7.   naps three times a day

8. play time

9. mom is always on the set with me

10.NO OUTFITS (ever) ((not even a hat))

I was scared after I saw that video, I don’t want to do that.  Poor Kitty. Bad humans.

Most animal actors you see on tv are not pets, they have wranglers who train and take care of them. Once in a while you get a Morris the cat or Princess Kitty who are just pets and become famous. I want to be a Morris. I sure don’t want to be a Princess Kitty.

We stopped by a film shoot, to try to expose me to film production sets, but I was really scared. It was really loud and people wanted to pet me. I was shaking. I need to get out more and socialize. Always working…

Mom talked to, and sent e mails to a bunch of agents. We are going Monday to see a guy, but I’m not getting my hopes up. Mom will talk to him again before we go, to make sure he just doesn’t want our money. I just need to get my paw in the door.

Most of the agents  mom spoke to want us to pay them to put my picture in their book. We know better, we’ll just have to keep looking. There has got to be some legitimate agents out there.

normal day

Today I played a guitar.

It  made a lot of noise. My face vibrated when I chewed on the strings. I liked it. 

Mom came back from playing tennis and I found where she hides her  balls.


She didn’t like me chewing on her tennis gear,  she made me pose for pictures. I hope she doesn’t think I will be the next Chanel Sport  model. Karl doesn’t like cats.

I found  some other things to chew. Mom gets mad when I steal her stuff. I don’t care. I keep doing it.

Fin was  like my shadow today.  He just  had to know where I was, what I was doing.

I can play with Fin for hours, he never hurts me.

He lets me bite him. I clean him first.

 Darnell on the other hand will take me down . He is very good at cleaning me and sleeping with me, playing nice, not so much. Somehow I survive.

The three of us really like playing in boxes.

After we make a mess, Fin and I like to take a nap.

Sometimes D joins us.

Darnell makes  a mess all by himself.

He shredded that box in five minutes.

Mom put me in her bag and we went to her house. If it wasnt for the old dog there, I would visit more often. I like her house. Lots of  things to chew.

Look how big I’m  getting. Chicken must be working for me.

Mom spoke to an agent this morning and learned lots of interesting things. I will share them with you tomorrow.