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Jimmie Chew


I’ve been keeping myself occupied, I’ve had no choice.

Mom is at her house with the new cats.

Poopet and Twiggy are doing great, they like living in a house.





She went back and got the mama cat, she was pregnant, we had to “fix” her. She’s recuperating, she isn’t very happy.
we named her Ellie.
And this guy too. We named him Only, he’s the only boy.
Only is a bit wild,but he likes my mom.


Now mom has 4 cats living at her house,
and a new squirrel who has no tail started coming over.


I guess I wont be visiting her house anytime soon, but Mom still takes me to grandmas to visit.

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May update!

Time to update my Meowmoir.CSC_0205

I’ve grown into a nice cat.CSC_0202

Well my body grew, (I still have a small head for some reason)

Fin is still hungry all the time.DSC_0117

Darnell still likes to roll around in catnip and get tickled.DSC_0172

It is his favorite thing to do.



We got a new scratching post. DSC_0137

I like to get a running start and climb to the top.DSC_0142


It is my favorite thing to do.DSC_0128


(well chewing is really my favorite thing to do)DSC_0194


Fin likes the new scratching post too, but he can’t run up it like I do.

(Fin doesn’t run).DSC_0148

Darnell and I still eat our vegetables together.DSCN0684-003

The squirrels still get fed every morning.DSC_0217

I still go to moms house to visit.CSC_0037

But she wont let me go in the back yard because of this guy.CSC_0199

And this guy,CSC_0090

and she thinks this guy will eat me.CSC_0246

so we just go for walks together.DSCN0727-002

The little Scrat is all grown up and healthy now.CSC_0073

He was fur and bones when he first came to moms house, CSC_0218

but he’s a happy little round  ball now.CSC_0222

With all the nuts mom gets for them, Fin has lots of new boxes to chew.


I have lots of new places to hide,DSC_0232

and climb.DSC_0224

Life has been good!CSC_0293

The End

This was the first photo taken of me, the day the humans found me and brought me into the house.

 I was VERY hungry.

I was VERY scared.

I was VERY cute.

They named me Jimmy.

Fin and I became friends fast.

 Darnell took a while to like me.

I loved my new family.

One day I got caught chewing shoes.

Thats how I became Jimmie Chew.

I was interested in the camera.

I thought I could become a model and help pay some cat bills.

 I started practicing.

I learned some tricks.

We had so many pictures, we thought we should start a blog.

We decided I would blog for a year.

I practiced my tricks everyday.

Sometimes I got interrupted.

Sometimes I got distracted.

(I got distracted a lot)

 I started going out to clear my head.

I met new friends.

(I started wearing sweaters)

 I fell in love.

I became a very cool cat.

I became a very smart cat.

 But I wasnt having any luck with my modelling career.

 I was a very happy cat.

I fought with Fin over treats.

Darnell and I never fought.

We always shared our treats.

 We sent my picture to various contests we found on-line. I went to a few modeling agency’s, but they were all crooks.


My year of blogging is now over,

and I am happy to say this picture of me below will be in a 2014 Calendar from Workman Publishing in NYC.

(it’s a start)

I had a great time writing this Meowmoir.

My plan for next year is to try to make movies.

                                                                                          The End.  


I want to Thank You for watching me grow!

                                                                                                      Jimmie Chew


I have been practicing my hoola hoop hop.

Almost forgot how to do it.


Darnell has been practicing how to get into the cat nip box.

We had a good fort this week.

 I still found trouble.

I stole,

I climbed,

I fought,

 I found a good hiding spot!

(I like the door closed)

(keep the door closed please!)

 I got locked out.

I got mad.

We got a new toy.

It’s a motion activated laser.

It wobbles.

It’s made in China.

 It will blind me eventually.

(I liked the bag it came in)

I went to moms house for a visit.

(looking for the old dog)

Checked out all my spots.

(And some new ones).

Now that the old dog is gone, I run around unsupervised.

 I went to the pet store.

 The birds were all gone, they all found a home.

 I got another toy.

 It took us a minute to rip the ball apart.

With some cat nip on it,

we played a little longer with it.

(We liked the box it came in.)

I had more fun with the asparagus.

I’m bored.

( I’m on Twitter now @jimmiechew, but I dont understand how it works yet)

Days of my life

Mom still leaves her stuff everywhere.

I still chew her stuff.

Darnell has been up to no good.

 He was always such a good boy, but he is becoming a little trouble maker. He is starting fights with me everyday.

Fin usually doesn’t bother me, but the last week or so he has been slapping me on the head when I walk by.

I swear those two are plotting against me.

 Mr. Karl Lagerfeld Mr. Chanel, got himself a kitten. Her name is Choupette. She is cute. I’m sure she will be modeling Chanel jewelry soon. We sent out about 30 emails and pictures this week to agents, pet photographers, catalogs and what ever contest mom could find on-line. Lets hope someone likes me and hires me soon. Getting me a job has become a job for mom and she isn’t too happy.I’ve been hunting balls.

(They are all over the house.)

When I find them, I like to roll around for a while.

Sometimes I day-dream.

I am learning the alphabet.

I know what an E is (I think)

This week it was Darnell’s turn to interrupt. 

I took a walk in the park.

I saw a dog having fun and followed him to the dog park.

At first I didn’t see any dogs playing.

Then they saw me and came running.

I wasnt scared.

(Well maybe of the big one) Mom made me leave, the dogs were too exited to see me.

So I walked around for a while.

Checked out the birds in the trees.

Climbed into some trees.

Day dreamed.

Then went back home.

Where I could watch TV,

and eat spinach like a normal cat.