Being a cat

When I get this look, mom knows I am up to no good.

I steal.

I fight.

I attack.

I chew.

I make a mess.

So she makes me study my tricks to keep me out of trouble.

It takes me awhile to concentrate.

Then I’m on it.

I am very good at the piano these days.

(even with D interrupting)

I wanted to update my picture for the blog.

But couldn’t get the exact pose.

Darnell tried.

Fin just wanted to interrupt.

I’ll keep working on it.

Fin wants to get in front of the camera lately.

It’s like he wants to show us he can do this too.

 Darnell is just silly.

It’s like a cat circus around here sometimes.

I tried modeling hats this week.

We all tried.

Darnell got his off quick! Fin was meowing like he was hurt.

 Wimps, it wasnt that bad. But no more hats anyway.

My other adventure this week was going to a new pet store.

They had rats! No birds.

I met a noise little dog named Nina.

She wouldn’t shut up!

She was just too exited.

I had to slap her to calm her down. (no claws)

Sometimes that’s what you have to do to a female dog.

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  1. Y’all have been very busy this week & everybody is so handsome in the pics! There are 5 of us so we understand about circuses! We helped our mommy plant veggie seeds this week. It was fun! We loved your attack using the box as a shield! Have a good weekend & week!

  2. A coupla things to discuss – love the red background, great color for all 3 of you and the talent in the family is HUGE.

    You’re like the Osmonds.

    As far as those hats go, well, you look like you were hanging around an Irish Bar. Not that it’s bad, but you don’t want to go the route of say, Kate Moss – one false move and they’ll assume you’re smashed.

    About that pooch that wouldn’t shut-up. Bet it was a female. You might have said that.

    Lookin good Jimmie.

    Your pal Susannah

  3. 🙂 You make me smile as always. Love the red. And the circus stance! And the way you gave Nina a gentle slap 🙂 You guys are gorgeous.

  4. Jimmie…How did Nina respond to your slap? did that calm her down? Great photo shoot…sorry your bro’s interrupted your session :-)… You all looked ace!

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