Dear Meowmoir,

 My silly Mom is convinced that I have nothing to do when she is not here.

 So she always brings me new toys. This is the best toy yet! A remote-controlled mouse.

This is what it looked like before D squashed it.


 We had to cut the fur from its wheels so it would move again. D really pounced on it.

This is the charger and the remote control.

This mouse ran over everything, and it was quick and creepy. 

Best toy we (all) ever had! Untill Darnell broke it for good.

  Mom went back to the store but they sold out, so she came back with a different battery operated mouse.

  This one just went in circles.

and it was loud.

 She also got us a tunnel.

I liked it.

She thought this hand puppet would protect her from my claws.

Nope, I got her. Her hands are all scratched up again.

She wanted me to practice my piano.

But I just wanted to play.

She played with me for hours.

She took me for a walk.

We went to her house.

I love to snoop around.

  I was tired when I got home.


But I had cat things to do. 





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  1. Bad Darnell for squashing the new mouse cuz it looked mighty good fun! The tunnel looks like good fun too. I love all your pictures, telling a story.

  2. Great toys!!! Glad to see you are well & having fun. Hope the others are too. We LOVE the work on the box & hope you get a new remote-controlled mouse soon! Happy Easter!!!!

  3. Oh Jimmie, I was really having a bad day so thanks for cheering me up. I noticed your first mouse had a pink tail, perfect for Easter.

    Darnell is very destructive. What’s his problem anyway? Prozac might help. Tell your Mom.

    Was Finn out of town? Didn’t see him.

    Love the tunnel, not exactly the Holland or Lincoln but I liked that it had no graffatti.

    Your mother must really love you the way she shops and takes you out.

    You’re one lucky cat Jimmie Chew.

    No one ever takes me walking.

  4. Jimmie, we have a couple of loud mice that go in circles. One of them even taunts us with, “Nyah, Nyah, Nyah, Nyah, Nyah!” so we flip it over on its back and it can’t move.

    Adele, Cole, and I all have birthdays in April. I think we will ask Karen for a remote-controlled mouse. That looks amazing!

    Your friend,

  5. I always look forward to your photo galleries Jimmie. Amazing pictures! I especially like the remote controlled mouse – how cool is that! My kitten, Barnaby, has been catching the real thing recently. He caught and killed a rat and brought it into the house to show everyone. De was not too happy! Personally, I am in awe of his ratting skills – he is still only a kitten and the rat was huge!

  6. I love it how many different toys for cats there are in shops over there! Maybe, one day, if you have time and wish, you can take pictures of toys they sell in those shops. I imagine it must look like a wonderland full of toys or something 🙂 Although, your house already looks like that wonderland :))
    Last year they sold no cat toys here at all, now we have some simple mice. Usyaka is happy with anything, anything can be a toy for her, but I personally wish I could buy her millions of different things. Maybe, one day I will 🙂

      • OMG, Ella, Jimmie, Nooooo!!! :)))
        You know I didn’t mean it that way that Usyaka is a poor kid with no toys. Gosh, I’m laughing here but it’s also so embarrassing!

        OMG, I just get so excited when I see new toys for cats that, I guess, my brain stops operating well. I should have thought before I actually posted that comment.

        Oh, Ella :)))
        Thank you! I’ll email to you soon.

      • Stop it, that is NOT how I took it, I always wanted to send Usyaka a gift from her boyfriend Jimmie, it’s just that we found the mouse now and i think she would love it. I would love to see what she does with it so take lots of photos for us!

  7. You have lots of neat toys. I wonder how I would react to a remote-controlled mouse. Maybe I can find out if my Mom can find one. Mom wishes I would play for hours. I usually play with her for a minute or two, then walk away.


  8. Gorgeous pictures, yet again. You know, now I have two cats, you guys are actually giving me IDEAS of what to do with boxes I bring home from work. I’m a bit limited, not knowing quite exactly what cats love, but when I see how involved you guys are with what your mum brings home, that inspires me. I’m my cats’ mum! And loving it. Only had them two months so far. Love ’em.

    Thanks for the ideas, guys!

  9. We’re going to be sure that Mom sees this so she can see all the neat toys you’re getting. We want Mom to go shopping more often for us. She’s pretty good about getting us toys so we’re going to keep her. Thanks for sharing all your fun with everyone.

  10. We think you are very lucky to get so many neat toys. We’re going to make sure Mom sees this so she’ll start thinking about toys to get us. She’s really good about giving us neat things so we think we’ll keep her. Thanks for sharing all your fun with the other fur people and humans.

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