Days of my life

Mom still leaves her stuff everywhere.

I still chew her stuff.

Darnell has been up to no good.

 He was always such a good boy, but he is becoming a little trouble maker. He is starting fights with me everyday.

Fin usually doesn’t bother me, but the last week or so he has been slapping me on the head when I walk by.

I swear those two are plotting against me.

 Mr. Karl Lagerfeld Mr. Chanel, got himself a kitten. Her name is Choupette. She is cute. I’m sure she will be modeling Chanel jewelry soon. We sent out about 30 emails and pictures this week to agents, pet photographers, catalogs and what ever contest mom could find on-line. Lets hope someone likes me and hires me soon. Getting me a job has become a job for mom and she isn’t too happy.I’ve been hunting balls.

(They are all over the house.)

When I find them, I like to roll around for a while.

Sometimes I day-dream.

I am learning the alphabet.

I know what an E is (I think)

This week it was Darnell’s turn to interrupt. 

I took a walk in the park.

I saw a dog having fun and followed him to the dog park.

At first I didn’t see any dogs playing.

Then they saw me and came running.

I wasnt scared.

(Well maybe of the big one) Mom made me leave, the dogs were too exited to see me.

So I walked around for a while.

Checked out the birds in the trees.

Climbed into some trees.

Day dreamed.

Then went back home.

Where I could watch TV,

and eat spinach like a normal cat.

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  1. Hi Ella 🙂 I see you’re still reading the story of Daniel & me. Thank you so much for your interest.

    I absolutely LOVE it when you put a post up. Your pictures are always fantastic – I can really get into the lives of these tiny beings. SO cute. Loved the one looking at the TV – how choice that one is 🙂

    Chanel kitten is gooooooooorgeous.

    And the adventures seeing the dogs, and being on the walk. Just love this stuff, I really do. Do another post quickly! 🙂

  2. Our purrs are with you fur a job offur. It IS a job getting a job! The chanel kitty is beautiful! We love your adventures. We’ll have to try spinach. It might go well with the sardines in tomato sauce that we LOVE!

  3. Jimmie,

    We haven’t tired spinach, but sometimes mom feeds us cantaloupe. Did it get stuck in your teeth?

    Mom just bought us a toy made of recycled rabbit fur.
    We REALLY like it. We like it so much that she felt bad she hadn’t bought two, and she rushed off to get another. We like that there is catnip hidden inside, and we can bite it really hard and kick it with out “bunny” feet. We wondered if you might like a toy like ours!

    Pacer and Twix

  4. I absolutely love these posts! When I was growing up I had a little girl cat that had the same colors as you. Her name was Julie and she had major personality just like you do! I hope you get the best modeling job ever!

  5. This kind of reminded me of my own cats.. Oh, how I used to be entertained by their antics.. I think this chewing thing is universal and holds true for all cats.. My cats would chew up everything they could lay their paws upon… And not to forget, the way they used to jump to catch their own tail.. Incredibly funny!!…

  6. Jimmie, you are lightyears ahead of me in your leash etiquette. I’ve been going backward. Now I will only walk where I want to go, which is back and forth across the living room. Karen is getting pretty frustrated.

    For greens around here, we prefer Boston lettuce to spinach. Adele really loves it.

    Good luck with your job search. I just read that unemployment is down lower, so maybe your dream job is coming!


  7. Oh Jimmie, I’m so glad you’re eating your greens. It’s so good for your fur. Also, studying is very important. It’s what separates the men from the boys if you know what I mean?

    Also, I’m glad to see you’re getting out.

    You’ll see, your big break’s coming.


  8. I’ve got a black mancat too!! I loves my fat Gato Neg. (spanglish for black cat). I also have a smelly pirate-hooker female cat, Chio the Destroyer. She’s a sweet talker but she stole my mancat’s love from me, hence the mean descriptive!

    Love your pictures very muchly!

  9. Ella! You’re back! You’re back!

    I don’t know what happened. I think I clicked a button somewhere and lost you in time. I’m SO glad you came by, & are back.

    I look forward to seeing you, & your lovelies in life again 🙂

    Sincerely, Noeleen

    • hi noeleen, no i havent been posting 😦
      (been working too much)
      but i stop by your blog, i am so behind, glad you are well, will try to post something soon for Jimmie and the gang,
      lots of love,

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