Chew smart

Since Mom found out I liked spinach, she has been using it to train me.

Darnell gave it a try.

(thief) He is a fan of spinach now too.

 Fin doesn’t like it.

  He likes being tickled on his back leg.

He rolls around like a fool.

If cats could laugh, Fin would be cracking up.

D likes it too, but not as much as Fin.

 I’m too busy protecting my greens to try tickling.

 I even like green beans.

Mom brought this big thing over,

 I wasnt sure what to do with it.

She wanted me to sit on it.

But I couldn’t figure out how.

Untill she left the room! (she’s lucky she caught this)

I went to the park again this week.

This is my new leather harness. (I have to grow into it) We got it from this cute place in NYC called Ollie’s Place. (430 E. 9th st. It was $10.00. Its made in Canada. They had so many cute things there!

It matches my green eyes.

I have been practicing my jumping.

 DD showed me how to get the magnets off the fridge.

I learn quick.

I have been amazed with the ice cubes in the water.

I get them out,

and play hockey.

All over the house.

Mom thought I might like an icicle.

I did.

Untill Darnell interrupted.

 It’s a good thing he did. My paw was frozen.

Fin and I got into a few fights this week.

We made up.

Mom tries to keep me occupied with my toys.

But I always find myself in trouble.

 She made me practice my modeling.

Mom thought a new game would keep me out of trouble. This is for rabbits, birds and rats. It has 3 levels. I think I’m as smart as a rat.

I tried chewing it.

It didn’t work (I got mad)

 I tried to go under (Fin got the treats.)

(Duh, it has suction cups underneath). Mom showed me how to get the treats out.

I learn quick.

Level one, done!

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  1. Jimmie, I love your new harness. And at $10, it was a steal!

    My kitten harness is “figure 8” style, and it does hurt my neck when I try to yank Karen up or down the stairs. She says she has a nicer harness for me that won’t choke, but I’m still too little for it.

    And that new toy you got looks much more fun than the Catit Senses tower with treats we have, that nobody hardly touches.

    You really live a charmed life…


  2. Chewing on spinach is probably better than chewing on any other houseplant. Try cantaloupe and corn for sure. Also, maybe canned chick peas (garbanzo beans) and unsalted pistachios.

  3. Wow, you guys get up to a lot! I love the bow at the end – and the icicle; I’ve never heard of giving a cat an icicle. They’d love it!!

    I knew cats like brocolli, but I had no idea on spinach.

    I love, absolutely LOVE getting posts from you. You make my whole world better. I especially love it when you’ve got a wild-eyed look, because cats are so insane 🙂 xxx

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