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May update!

Time to update my Meowmoir.CSC_0205

I’ve grown into a nice cat.CSC_0202

Well my body grew, (I still have a small head for some reason)

Fin is still hungry all the time.DSC_0117

Darnell still likes to roll around in catnip and get tickled.DSC_0172

It is his favorite thing to do.



We got a new scratching post. DSC_0137

I like to get a running start and climb to the top.DSC_0142


It is my favorite thing to do.DSC_0128


(well chewing is really my favorite thing to do)DSC_0194


Fin likes the new scratching post too, but he can’t run up it like I do.

(Fin doesn’t run).DSC_0148

Darnell and I still eat our vegetables together.DSCN0684-003

The squirrels still get fed every morning.DSC_0217

I still go to moms house to visit.CSC_0037

But she wont let me go in the back yard because of this guy.CSC_0199

And this guy,CSC_0090

and she thinks this guy will eat me.CSC_0246

so we just go for walks together.DSCN0727-002

The little Scrat is all grown up and healthy now.CSC_0073

He was fur and bones when he first came to moms house, CSC_0218

but he’s a happy little round  ball now.CSC_0222

With all the nuts mom gets for them, Fin has lots of new boxes to chew.


I have lots of new places to hide,DSC_0232

and climb.DSC_0224

Life has been good!CSC_0293


My update

Fin gave us all a scare this week. He swallowed a plastic string and it was sticking out of his butt.

 The vet said we had to wait till he passed it on his own. Mom was giving him all sorts of oils and cat laxatives. He finally went to the bathroom and it came out.

He must be feeling better. (I know mom is)

He is back to normal.

 I’ve been busy with my toys,


(I love getting brushed)

my box,

and my ball.

 Darnell has been happy lately.

He found a new basket he likes to sleep in.

Mom and I have a new game.

 I roll around in the sheet with the ball.

 I love it.

I posed for pictures with my ball.

(looking handsome as usual)

Untill Fin interrupted.

 I wanted my ball back.

 But Darnell got it while Fin and I were fighting,

and I dont mess with Darnell.

They can have that ball.

 Mom gave me two new balls.

I had the best time ever.

Untill Fin came back.

So I took a bottle cap and went somewhere where Fin can’t go (he’s too fat to jump that high)

(who knew I had so many up there)

I was busy for hours.


Sometimes I think I wish I was an only child (cat).

Poor Fin

It has been hard for me to remember not to step on the wheel to get my treats.

It doesn’t move if I’m stepping on it.

Eventually I remember.

On to level 3.

(I skipped level 2, it was too easy) On level 3 you just have to move the things around. (also too easy) I think level 1 was the best one. I need to find a harder game.

Poor Fin doesn’t get it.

He likes the food tower.

Mom made us a new home-made treat. It was for dogs, but we thought we would like it too. All you have to do is cut up Salmon real thin and bake it in the oven at 200 for 2-3 hours with the door slightly open for air to circulate. When the salmon is nice and crunchy, it’s like salmon jerky.

On the Animal Chanel we saw the best cat house. Maybe my humans could do something like that for us.

They said cats can see bright colors.

The other day Darnell was lounging in his little box,

when mom started annoying him.

He got up to go do something and Fin jumped in to the box.

D came back and attacked him. (he wasnt playing). Poor Fin got his tail kicked.

My new activity is hunting Fin under the fort.

(That’s Fin under there).

After I catch him,

this is what I look like.

 He has to hide from me to get any peace and quite.

Darnell likes when the humans pull the sleeping bag in the hallway.

He jumps on,

and goes for a ride. He LOVES it.

I just watch.

Again mom brought weird things over to try to amuse me.

( it breathes with batteries). I was amused for a minute.

(Poor Fin got scared.)

This one didn’t even breathe.

Doesnt mom know by now I can amuse myself.

My wall jumping is going great.

This is what I look like when I’m done.

Darnell found his fake Darnell.

He has been chewing on him for days now.

KV Pet Supply emailed us about the pictures we sent in. The lady said she loved my blog and how handsome I was and that they will let us know if they decide to use my picture! Then she asked if we could send her photos of Darnell. What the ……! Poor Fin, she didn’t ask for a picture of him.

I was told black cats dont make very good models because they were hard to light.

I know we are all good-looking cats here,

 but I’m the poser in the family!

(I’m still going to practice for my Chanel ad).

my weekend

This weekend we got a new box.

A big box.

We loved our big box.

My training was interrupted (as usual)

(Fin has turned into quite a model)

I needed a break.

I had to get out for a walk.

 I ran into Bentley on my walk (the unruly dog from the neighborhood, his dad needs to train him)

So I went for a ride.

We stopped over at grandmas, (she said I was too skinny)

I met a loud little dog at the farmers market.

Back at the house,

I played with my brothers.

Darnell was back to normal this weekend, (I think he missed mom)

I checked out what the humans were eating,

(not for me)

 I practiced my choreography for the day care center show.

Fin thought he was sneaky,

but I saw him peeking.

He got treats just for being cute.

I won the Versatile Blogger Award! (I will accept and pass it on this week)

My blog will be featured on Cat Blogosphere tomorrow

Monday Sept 26th.


 It was a good cat weekend!!

A boring week

 Mom has been a little busy with her human stuff this week, I’ve been busy doing my cat stuff. She did come by a few times just to play with us, but I have not studied this week at all. I hope I don’t forget everything I’ve learned. We will get back to our training this weekend.

The other day Fin and I saw a reflection from moms mirror,

We had so much fun chasing it,

that mom thought the reflection from a disco ball would be more fun for us to chase.

Nope, it was just more confusing, Fin gave up.

Darnell can amuse himself.

Fin just wants treats.

I need constant brain stimulation. Mom created a little monster.

She did take me for a ride this week.

And a walk.

The little human came by to play with me.

(I was a natural)

 I am no longer just an average cat.

I still enjoy my kitten milk every night,

with Fin behind me,

waiting to finish it, every time.

I am too smart to just lay around, get fat, and do nothing. That’s not an option for me. I cant wait to get back to my training.